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IssaMe here, I finally got my old account revived so will use this one from now on.

I've come across several presets that were specifically made for ATI/NVidia cards. I still have an old Radeon HD 6950 and of the few GPU specific presets I've found, both the ATI/NV types seem to work fine on my ATI card... however, contrary to the mentions presets may not always work on ATI cards, I've had more issues with the GeForce 210 (really old) on my wife's computer (apart from presets requiring shader 4.0 which always freezes my MD for a short period)

I'm currently facing a forced hardware change as one of the monitors died, and from the looks of it this also means I'll be forced to update the GPU...I will probably again end up going with an AMD GPU but on the off chance I'll end up going with an NVidia GPU, is there a list of functions/calculation methods that will likely cause presets to not show as intended? I'll need to recheck which presets but I've encountered several that gave error messages on the NVidia card even though the presets seemed to show the same as on my ATI card.

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