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Hi ChozoSR388,

When you selected the 'Show Peaks' option a second time, did the check mark go away? That worked for me. Maybe you need to shut down and restart your Winamp. What visualizer style and bandwidth (set by the visualizer presets options) are you using?

The RGB Color Changer is not dynamic. After you select the color you want, the "Apply New Color" button (at the bottom of the window) should become active. Then click on it to apply the new color. It will probably take you awhile to learn how to select the exact color you want. When you click on a color (that is close to the color you want) in the primary colors box, the numbers associated with that color appear in the red, green and blue boxes in the color preview panel. Then you can use the sliders (carefully) to increase or decrease the number(s) by 1 or more to slightly change the color shown in the color preview panel. You can also click ahead of the digit you want to change in the applicable numbers box, delete it, then enter the number you want to use. Numbers in the range of 0 to 255 can be used in each box.

I had to think back to what I learned in elementary school art lessons about how to mix red, green and blue to get other colors.

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