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Hi ChozoSR388,

Yes, your RGB Color Changer is incomplete. The upper spot should contain the control that lets you select the item whose color you want to change.

It appears that you are having the same types of problems I had when I first tried using version 3.1 after using previous versions of Quinto Black CT. I assume some of the configuration data from previous versions somehow corrupted or interfered with the configuration data for 3.1.

The fix I used is rather drastic, since I could not determine what the error(s) was/were. It requires losing the configuration data for all of the modern skins you are using, which will then require re-configuring each of them all over again. You do this by shutting down Winamp, then deleting or renaming the file that Winamp uses to store the configuration data for modern skins. This file is created or updated each time Winamp is shutdown. The modern skins configuration data file is located in your Users - Appdata - Roaming - Winamp folder. The same folder that your "winamp.ini" file is in. The file is named "studio.xnf". This is a text file that you can use the Windows notepad app to view and edit (if you know what to fix or change).

Sometimes, letting Winamp recreate the "studio.xnf" file is the only way to get a new modern skin working correctly or 'fixing' a modern skin that used to work and stopped for some unknown reason.

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