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Wins and Losses. We have both
In December Last year I uninstalled winamp because the issues with it stopping play and stuttering were making it unusable as a music playing product. 2 weeks ago I thought I’d give it another run and installed 1.2.12.
I note that media button controls are able to pause and restart winamp (In this case simulated by Tasker scripts) So that is a big Win!!!
On the downside it is now regularly dropping the playlist while playing back. So after half an hour or so of play it just stops.
Now I don’t want to go back to my standard phone app because the random on it is Garbage, and winamp actually performs random properly. Add to this the 1X4 widget and you are on a winner (even if the lock screen is a bit clunky)
But non of this has any value if you can’t get the basic functionality of Load and reliably play music sorted.
I for one will purchase the Premium product when I can trust it will play. Please get this basic functionality sorted out.
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