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One last post for the day ...

: The common lie
Plese don't lie to me
when you say forever
how long is forever to you
1 year or 2 years down the road

Please don't say what you don't mean to keep
when you say you love me
what is it that you hope for me to see
you love my car or was it my money

I don't think I can stand it anymore
under constant presure to give you more
everytime you set your eyes on me
I feel the heat turn up one hundred degrees

Just go away and leave me in peace
I am broken and you don't really need me
all that I have you already taken
what more do you wish of me

Please don't say that those don't mean a thing
that you only see me in your eyes
I am hurt enough already
why do you still torture me so

I once knew love without feeling pain inside
now that is but a memory long ago
so when you say forever
how long is that
is it the end of your life or the end of mine
A bit sad but hey ... can't help myself when the words come pouring.

Sometimes it is just being me that counts
By: izchan
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