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Workarounds & Archives


Requested features with known workarounds or 3rd-party solutions

Winamp Core


Separate Modern and Classic skins in the skin list
Skin Manager plugin, by DrO (latest = v1.0)

Full smart wheel support
Make scroll wheel work without having to hi-lite windows/contents, eg. ml panes
Known workaround

Album Art window for Classic skins
Will's Album Art Viewer Plugin

Playlist Editor
"Save As" in main/playlist menu
For saving non-protected streaming media files to disk
Save File As plugin, by DrO

Cuesheet support (.cue files)
CuePlayer plugin | Discussion
mp3cue plugin (updated for WA5) | Discussion 1 | 2
Note: Native support is planned for a future WA5 release

Undo option
Playlist Undo plugin, by DrO

Winamp3 style 'sort' options
ActiveWinamp plugin, by ShaneH

Winamp3 style disable playback (for individual pledit items)
Playback Excluder plugin, by DrO

Option to remove song from Playlist after being played
Playlist File Remover v2.0, by DrO

Drag+Drop from Playlist Editor to ML or any other window
Drag+Drop plugin, by Joonas | Discussion | Latest working version (v1.5 rc1)

Auto Play on start
DrO's Time Restore and AutoPlay plugin

Save track position on stop/exit
DrO's Time Restore and AutoPlay plugin

Streaming https/ssl support
ssl version of jnetlib.w5s available

FTP streaming support *

Custom rewind/ffwd times (instead of just fixed 5 sec)
DrO's Repeater plugin

MonkeysAudio (APE) & Musepack (MPC) support
Support is currently provided via 3rd-party plugins: APE | MPC.
A native MPC plugin is in development, but may be thwarted by licensing issues.

Always on top for JUST video window
Video Dominator plugin

start in fullscreen option
Auto Video Fullscreen Plugin (latest = v1.2) - developed by DrO
Note: this (hidden) feature is actually implemented without the need for any extra plugin, by setting video_auto_fs=1 in winamp.ini (default value = 0).

Native Ogg Theora/OGV/OGM video support
Add OGV;OGM to in_dshow config (More Info)

Media Library

Media Library: General
'Enqueue & Play' action for local media, playlists, bookmarks, audio cd's
DrO's ML Enqueue & Play plugin

Modern Skins
mini/deskband mode
Winamp Deskband | more plugins

Pro Requests
Gapless/Crossfaded burning
Use SqrSoft ACF DiskWriter to write one large WAV first


Archive: Implemented Wishlist items

Winamp Core


Different icons and file descriptions for associated file types
known workarounds
Implemented in Winamp 5.58 via the Jump To File Extra Plugin
More Infos: Link

When deleting files, send them to the Recycle Bin
Implemented in Winamp 5.09

Multi/Personal User settings support in Windows NT/2K/XP/Vista/7
Implemented in 5.11 - 5.21

Full Unicode Support
Implemented in 5.2-5.3x

Access to ML views/playlists from main window / tray icon menu.
Implemented in 5.25

Playlist Editor
.B4S Playlist Support
Implemented in Winamp 5.22

Winamp3 style queuing (play next)
Implemented in 5.03 (via Jump To File Extra plugin / gen_jumpex.dll)

Option to remove duplicate entries
Implemented in 5.04

Playlist scrolls one line at a time, instead of 4
Implemented in 5.5

option to pad playlist numbers with zeros, eg. 0001 - 1000
Implemented in 5.54

Mass Tagging from Playlist Editor
Implemented in 5.666

Enqueue AND Play combo option
Known workarounds | 2
Latest JTFE supports this, as bundled with the Winamp 5.2x distro

Streaming https/ssl support
Implemented in 5.56

XSPF playlist support
Implemented in 5.64

IPv6 support
Implemented in 5.34

Input Plugins

Replay Gain / Auto Normalization built in
Implemented in 5.25

Streaming ID3v2 title support (info/link)
Implemented in 5.25 :-)

Native gapless support ('strip padding/zero samples', like in_mpg123)
Implemented in 5.2

24/32-bit output resolution support, like in_mad
24bit support implemented in 5.25

APE v2 tags support
Implemented in 5.52-5.54

Read/Store Disk number in tags
Implemented in 5.1 (or 5.11?), use %track% and %disc% in ATF

Option to read ID3v1 tags only in Nullsoft MPEG Audio Decoder
Implemented in 5.22

QTSS streaming support
Implemented in 5.32

Simplify the ID3 editor
Have only one field for each attribute, and at the bottom, or in the in_mp3 config,
add "Use the Tag writing from library" to decide what format to add.

Implemented in 5.5 with the new unified file info box.

CD-Text read support
Implemented in 5.31 (requires Sonic Engine to be installed/enabled)

Proper m4a streaming support (instead of needing to download full file first)
Implemented in 5.31

3gp support

h.263 support (for playback of e.g. youtube flv)
Implemented in 5.65

.OGA extension support
Implemented in 5.63

Media Library: General
iPod support
iPod, Creative and Playsforsure device support in Winamp 5.2

Ratings from main/playlist windows & hotkeys, etc
Implemented in 5.04
For 5.03 and earlier:
Rate It plugin, adds Rate Item to playlist rt-click menu
Toaster plugin, incorporates Rate It, plus hotkey accelerators, and more

Separate options for "Show internet radio" and "Show internet tv"
implemented in 5.04

Ability to rearrange main categories in left pane
Implemented in 5.5

Remember collapsed/expanded state of nodes in ML left pane
Implemented in 5.5

Export/Import Library from iTunes
Implemented in 5.55

"Add To Library" file/folder context menu items
Implemented in 5.55 (via JTFE plugin)

Mass Tagging
Implemented in 5.5

Internet TV Filter
Option to lock/filter out adult content
(filter implemented, lock/password protection still to come) (implemented in 5.11)

MTP device support
Implemented in 5.2

Prompt if closing Winamp whilst podcasts are still downloading/updating
Implemented in 5.571

CD Ripping (ml_disc): Support for Disc# in Output File Settings -> Naming Convention
Implemented in 5.572

Media Library: Playlists
Import Multiple Playlists
Implemented in 5.04

Sort playlists list in left pane alphabetically etc
eg. right click sort options (in addition to current drag method)
Implemented in 5.54

Media Library: Local Media Views
Add "Year" column to the Album display
Implemented in 5.21

Arrows to show sorting method
Implemented in 5.22

Change the Artist and Album display in the upper part of the right pane
eg. add: Genre, Album Artist, Year, etc.
Implemented in 5.32

Show file path as column
Implemented in 5.32

Columns for Album Artist, Composer, Disc, Publisher, Extension & ReplayGain
Implemented in 5.32

File/encoder type tab in Media Library
Show something like "mp3, wav, ogg, avi."
Maybe more specific like "divx, xvid, mpeg2, etc"
Extension column implemented in 5.32
%family% atf support in 5.5

Display 'Date' (File Time / Played Last) in International format (DD/MM/YY) for non-us users instead of US format (MM/DD/YY)
Implemented in 5.32

Customizable 'Play Count' options
Implemented in 5.55

Mass ID3 stripping
Already do-able via "Edit selected items" dialog

Sub queries, have a query under a query
Already do-able via "Display 'Refine' search field" option

Album cover viewing
Tips | AlbumCovers | Cover&Tag | Now Playing | Ikarus' plugin | EAR | AlbumList2
Implemented in 5.5

Modern skins
Song ticker scrolling wraps instead of bouncing
Implemented in 5.5

Same spectrum analyzer options as in classic skins
Implemented in 5.5

Winamp Modern skin: AlbumArt in Notifier
Implemented in 5.54

Media Library: Portable Device Support
Done for Winamp 5.25

Transfer of playlists
Done for Winamp 5.22

Copy to hard drive
Done for Winamp 5.25

Playback for MTP and creative devices
Done for Winamp 5.25

USB drive support (such as Creative MuVo)
Done for Winamp 5.25

Album art support for devices
Implemented in 5.5

Pro Requests
--alt-preset support for MP3 writing
Implemented in 5.03
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