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DSP conflict with Winamp 5.x

I have come extremely fond of HeadPlug, and i've run into a problem. It refuses to work with mp3 and ogg vorbis (it works fine on FLAC and WAV).

That isn't entirely correct however, it does work perfectly well if i use in_mp3.dll and in_vorbis.dll from winamp 2.x, but when i do that all of my unicode id3 tags are totally broken.

I read that plugins like Peter's 4P whatever it was called plugin pack may have unicode-fixed versions of winamp 2.x dlls, but every single site that is linked for downloading them everywhere is dead.

Is there any way i can find/get either unicode fixed 2.x plugins, or legacy dsp fixed 5.x plugins? Well i say 5.x, but i tried every single plugin between winamp 2.8 and 5.8, and all 5.x plugins below 5.58 wouldn't even play any tracks n winamp 5.8.

I'm dying for a solution. All i want is the ability to both have unicode tag reading and my HRTF plugin working without having to reencode everything i have into a bloated format (ogg is my preferred). I have no desire to use any other player, and have not found any other crossfeed HRTF that is any good.
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