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5.8 works after fresh install then stops 2-3 uses later.

I use the winamp 5.8 on a win10 machine 8 core 64 bit AMD -- it seems to need to be reinstalled after two or three uses inorder to run then. So I do the reinstall and get it to work for 2 or 3 times only to have to install again.. It stops like this. the song is there ready to play when loaded to my 24 gigabytes of ram - then after two fresh loads even days apart the play button , freezes it becomes "busy" with the spinning pointer mouse. and two clicks later says it is not responding , I close program (have to as waiting doesn't work) and can not use the program, after a fresh install from a saved download -=- the program works a couple times and then does the same thing. IDK -- I just don't like these installs every few runs.. Is there some "setting" I need to set?
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