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Sorting ipod playlists?

I have been managing ipods with winamp for many years. This is one unfortunate bug which I would love to see fixed.

The media library has a list of playlists. (Not for the device, for the main media library.) If you have added some new playlists in no particular order, you can right click on "Playlists" and see sort options, including sort by title alphabetically. It works.

But if you have your ipod hooked up to the computer and winamp has opened it, you cannot right click the name of the ipod, which has all its playlists under it, do the same sort. You can manually move new playlists to the spot where they belong on the list but that is really annoying and not practical if you have added a lot of them. The weird thing about this is that on the ipod itself, the lists automatically sort into alphabetical order, but on the media library scheme, they don't.

I do wish this could be fixed.

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