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The 1st line in each playlist file should be an ID string that lets Winamp know that the file is a playlist file. Then there should be a pair of lines for each media file listed in the playlist. The 1st line contains the text string that is displayed in the Playlist Editor for the media file. The 2nd line contains the path-name for the media file. The drive letter is included in the path-name if the playlist file is stored on a drive different from the drive the media file is stored on.

Do you see playlists listed in the Media Library? If you do, are there the same number of playlists listed as there are playlist files in your user data playlist folder?

If there are playlists listed in the Media Library that can be matched (same number of files listed in the same order) to the playlist files in your user data playlist folder then there should be another file in the folder that associates the playlist names shown in the Media Library to the alphanumeric names for the playlist files in the folder. The lack of this file is more reason to believe the installation for the Winamp version you're using is corrupted in some way.

I don't think putting those playlist files on a music stick along with all the music files will make the playlists show up in a vehicle with apple car play. I don't know for sure, but I think apple car play uses a different playlist format. Also, the path-names for the media files on the music stick would be different from the path-names for the media files listed in those playlist files.

Before you install Winamp v5.666.3516 be sure to completely remove the version you have installed now.

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