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It is and is not. It's a pebble leather with gold lining and shoelace eyes. The laces are also capped in gold. nota bene: gold = brass.

The red 1460 is actually the original style (smooth red leather with a rubber z-stitch sole (ie, Jones' avatar). These are not a far cry from that. They are also some of the select few to be made in England (MIE). After getting this made in England pair after all these years of the China ones I'm not ever getting anything else again. The made in England shoes simply fit better and have a better build quality.

Not that I have a complaint about the China ones. Well, I do, actually. I can still wear my original brown 1461's that were MIE's from 14 years ago. The China ones last about 6-8 years. Not that 6-8 years is bad, but it's sure not 14+ and counting.

I've got a pair of the China originals; need a pair of the MIE originals.

I also spotted a 1461 MIE yellow shoe, which I need. I like color, or colour....

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