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Originally Posted by voodoohippie View Post
Hopefully AOL will see it in their heart to develope SCV2 encoders that will work on broadcasters like RadioDJ, RadioBoss, Stationplaylist, and other broadcasting software as Winamp (as of yet) has no DMCA auto playlist and does not have scheduling for station ID's ect. I do suspect a new Winamp Broadcaster (All In One) to be developed and be a competitor to SAM and could be lesser priced too. SAM has always been extremely expensive to legally own.
you're wrong as far as i've been informed. the Source DSP and sc_trans are the only encoders provided and then there's the publically provided documentation at so anyone can implement the 2.0 protocol if wanted. maybe a small library will be provided to allow for adding 2.0 support but that's currently low on the long list of things to work on.

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