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Water: 62.4 pounds per cubic foot (a bit more for saltwater)

Concrete: 150 pounds per cubic foot

Your random trivia of the day

edit: Only decent thing I found on dying before you hit on google

We don't think that the majority of people do die of fright, but rather of 'terminal deceleration trauma', upon hitting the deck !

BUT, under extreme stress people can trigger abnormal heart rhythms (dysrhythmias) (usually people with an underlying cardiac problem) which can render them unconscious, or even dead, so it is possible that the stress of jumping could trigger such a rhythm, causing them to be unconscious prior to terminal impact. Unfortunately this is a rather difficult (not to mention unethical) hypothesis to test.

The best evidence that comes to mind would be to look at people doing parachute jumps for the first time. Whilst broken legs are not unusual, most people don't die of fright (that we know of !). The same goes for stunt artists and divers who jump from cliff edges and high boards.

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