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ID3v2 track number is not read correctly

I suspect there might be a bug Winamp's handling of ID2v2 tags. I have a lot of mp3 files encoded with LAME using the "--id3v2-only" parameter, the majority of which Winamp cannot correctly read the ID#v2 "track number" tag. Other applications and hardware players I have tried can read the track number without problems. I've tried using different versions of LAME, 3.90.3 & 3.96.1, with the same results.

Please note that this used to work in versions up to and including 5.03, since then the behaviour is broken.

One way that seems to make Winamp parse the tag correctly is adding the parameter "--pad-id3v2" when encoding with LAME, which according to the LAME documentation "pads version 2 tags with extra 128 bytes". I've not tested this thoroughly though, there may be problems even when padding the tags.

I've found issue to be present in versions 5.04 - 5.07 (and possibly in earlier versions, but not in 5.02, 5.03). I don't use any 3rd-party plugins and I've tried doing clean installs before testing.

A test file containing the track number tag with a value of "12" is available.

Also, see discussion in this thread:
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