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winamp ML title formatting

I´m quite sure i discovered a bug in winamp title formatting in conjunction with media library.

First, i´ve configured winamp that it reads metadata when files are added to the playlist. Then i added %tracknumber% in advanced title formatting.

When i just add files to the playlist per dragndrop, everythings fine: winamp shows tracknumbers like '05/14'.

But when i add the same files to media library first an then to the playlist (it doesn`t matter whether i add them by clicking in the playlist or adding them by dragndrop from explorer) winamp only shows tracknumbers like '05'.

Then it gets even stranger: When i disable the checkbox "Use ML data for playlist title formatting" it shows still tracknumbers like '05', but as soon as the files are played, the leading zero is killed, too. So i just get a '5'. When i add files to the playlist via dragndrop, the leading zero is missing directly.

After deleting those files from the media library, everything gets fine again '05/14'.

I tested this with several files on a 'clean' winamp 5.091.

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Alas, this (track# x/x) is an unimplemented feature of the media library, not a bug. Also, for leading zeros in Title Formatting, you need to use $num(%tracknumber%,2)

But i can't have a file in ML and displayed xx/yy in the playlist at the same time. The one affecting the other even with the switch in ML options turned off is a bug to me.

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Yup, we hear ya :-)

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