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out_ds.dll 2.31(d): Fade-in doesn't seem to work anymore

I am using Winamp 5.093 with out_ds 2.31(d) (under WinXP SP2). I also should note that I am not using a "clean" Winamp installation, however I have installed out_ds.dll 2.23 for direct comparison, so I am confident that the issue is with out_ds.

In both version of out_ds I have configured a default fading of 333ms and activated it for all points in time, except end of song. Remove silance is activated at around -60dB, buffer length is ca. 5000ms Prebuffer is 500ms, buffer ahead is 0ms, CPU usage control is disabled.

The "fading in" doesn't seem to work in out_ds.dll 2.31(d). When a track is playing (or paused) and I click on another track to start, there is a noticable noise when the new track starts. That noise is almost unaudible when I don't have any DSP plugins (i.e. Izotope Ozone) enable, but when listening carefully it still is audible that the fade-in doesn't work.
It works fine in out_ds v2.23. I didn't have a version in-between available for testing, but would be happy to do so, if I could download one directly (without having to install an earlier version of Winamp).


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I can't reproduce this, though 333ms is too small a value to test fading in/out with. Try increasing 'on first start' & 'on start' values. Does the problem persist if you disable in_wm.dll, if present? Please also note that we do not support any 3rd-party plugins.
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