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Originally posted by shakey_snake
Do you find it odd that I'd say yes?
Actually yes, I find it odd that you say so, shakey_snake. No, I am not blasting your relegious beliefs in anyway, but I want you consider one thing here - suppose you wait till marriage & finally you find that special woman to get married to, but by this time you're already like 55yrs old (yes, I know a couple of people who are in this situation & were asking for sex advice) - I would congratulate you on finding your perfect woman, but I would call you absolutely crazy & foolish for staying a virgin till your 50s.

It has been scientifically proven that human beings are most sexually active in their late 20s, but by the time they are into their 40s, their interest in sex & performance becomes very weak. If they started having sex after 40s, then I honestly I don't see how they can be sexually satisfied with their marriage in the long term.

I agree that you followed everything by the book & respect you for that - but practically speaking I mean, come on - wouldn't you feel that you missed out on such a wonderful opportunity to enjoy sex (what are we humans after all born for?) when you were in your 20s??? I know any normal person, religious or not, would definitely do.

In India, we are religious & practice sexual abstinence. But we follow arranged marriage system, so we get married when we're in the mid 20s, after we finish college & get full-time jobs. At least in this way, we are able to enjoy sex when it's at the peak. But come on, into your 40s or 50s? No way man!
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