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'bout 150 remixes- acid roof racks compilation

I'm getting much better at finding the best code and mixing it up, so quality on this one is a way better even to the previous bunch.

the big one here is shifters urchin kali kode which which does some really mental stuff.

and cocaine over acid any day kids...turns out that all the 60s was a piss take, Carlos Castenada invented a bunch of books about Mexican shamans on payote which got thousands of followers,but it turns out it was a big lie, instead of disappearing into infinity of time and space in a ball of light with his 5 followers that were all girls, he died of old age of some kind of cancer when he was 70 odd, and in the confusion about what happened all his 5 girly followers killed themselves including the youngest that was about 19 when he met her. he told her to drive into the desert where the magnetic fields would draw her into space with him so she walked off into death Valley and her scavenged bones were found a few years later...someone should have got her mixing speedcore and running around in a painted vehicle with a roof rack with bass bins on it.

massive respect to all the lovely people that have helped me to learn this visualisation thing.

for faster downloading you can try this
it's parts 1/2/3/4/5
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