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Try disabling the usual suspects first...

Go to the foder where you installed Winamp, usually:
C:\Program Files\Winamp

Right-click the file PRIMOSDK.DLL
Select "Rename", and rename it to PRIMOSDK.DLL.OFF

(the caps are just for clarification, you can use smallcase if you wish)

Or just move PRIMOSDK.DLL out of the Winamp folder and into some backup folder elsewhere (eg. My Documents\Backup\Winamp)

Does Winamp startup ok now?

If yes, then this suggests a problem with your Sonic Burning/Ripping Engine installation. Either it wasn't installed correctly (or you haven't rebooted since installing), or there's a conflict between it and some other concurrently running process (eg. Nero InCD).

If the problem persists, go to the Winamp\Plugins folder
and move/disable ML_PMP.DLL

This is the Portable Media Player support plugin, for managing device such as iPod, Creative Nomad/Zen, USB thumbdrives, P4S & ActiveSync devices, etc (note that ml_pmp.dll loads the actual individual pmp plugins, eg. pmp_ipod.dll, pmp_usb.dll, pmp_p4s.dll, pmp_*.dll, but these won't load if ml_pmp.dll isn't present).

Does Winamp open ok now?

Let us know how it goes...

ps. If the crash still occurs...
Go the Winamp\Plugins folder
Click the "View" menu, select "Details"
Click "View" again, then "Arrange icons by > Type"

Make sure all DLL files are showing, take a screenshot (Alt+Printscreen), paste it into your favorite imaging app (IrfanView, PSP, Photoshop, etc), save it as a png or jpg, and attach it here (hopefully it will be less than 100k, which is the attachment limit, but if it goes over then upload it to and post the link here).
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