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But not 5.34 Lite?

Try a clean install of 5.34 Full

If the problem persists

Try disabling gen_ml.dll (the media library)
Does the problem persist?
If no, then we will need to determine which of the ml plugins (ml_*.dll) is causing the problem....

Move all the ml_*.dll files out of the Winamp\Plugins folder, put gen_ml.dll back in.
Restart Winamp

Does the error persist?

If no, then close Winamp and put one of the ml_*.dll plugins back in, eg. ml_local.dll (Local Media).

Repeat this process, putting one ml_*.dll back in the Plugins dir, closing & reopening Winamp inbetween, until the problem reoccurs.

The last ml plugin you restored will be to blame, and we'll take things from there.

If it's none of the gen_ml/ml_*.dll plugins to blame, then we'll move on to the other plugins...
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