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To flesh out my earlier statement, please look at things from the other side.

Some people, perhaps some of you that hate gift cards, are very hard to shop for. You have a room or house already full of belongings--not always top-of-the-line stuff, but stuff you researched before you bought; stuff that doesn't need replacing and won't for years. You also have a strong personal fashion sense, which makes buying clothes for you difficult. You're a "stuff" person who enjoys being a good consumer (even if you're on a very small budget, which "stuff" people frequently are.)

So rather than get something for you that is worse than nothing (because at the end of the day, you don't have free space and very well may end up regifting, cluttering up your house because you feel bad, or just throwing the gift away after a few weeks.

And these people cannot afford to buy you something worthwhile for you given what you have. So they buy you a gift card in the hopes that they next time you need to make a purchase, you can at least lower the price by the card amount.

Some of you are thinking that it's the thought that counts, and that gift cards require no thought. And of course it's possible that you might get a gift card that's useless to you. But if you think that tangible Christmas gifts require more thought than a card, you're sadly mistaken. I mean, unless you think ties, fruitcake, or gift packs full of cheese, sausage, and soap/lotion/loofahs are thoughtful. Most people aren't very good gift-givers! And even more know a whole laundry list of perfect gifts for you--but couldn't afford them.

So they got your ungrateful self a gift card, and felt bad because they couldn't get you something they thought you deserved. But thanks.
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