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Evening mood

When watching the film "Crocodile Dundee" recently, a beautiful landscape scene caught my attention, and I tried to create something like this in milkdrop. Here's the result. It is another very smooth preset.

For all those who cannot run ps3 files, I attached two screen shots, plus the original scene from the movie that inspired me. If ps3 works for you, you don't need these files of course.

@Flexi: The mirroring water effect is actually a fake, physically it's got not much to do with reflection. But since the background is symmetric around the mirror line, it comes convincingly close. I did not bother to think about a true reflection algorithm yet.

@Stahlregen: Thanks for ATI fixing these files. Since I am too lazy to type tex2D(frac(sampler_main,uv)) instead of GetPixel(uv), it might be a good idea to write a small script which fixes this problem automatically for all milk files in a directory... maybe I get around to write this some time.
P.S. Some more disco mixes coming soon.
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