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@Stahlregen: Ok. I'll try to remember using GetPixel(frac(uv)) if that does the trick on ATI cards.

@Flexi: I must admit I am too lazy to look at all presets posted in the forum, that's also why I rarely comment on other's work. Must apologize, but when I come home from my job, I just want to turn on the music and get on with my stuff.
Actually some of the presets you linked to do look familiar, there is a hint of the mirror effect and I also find pretty tubes theme there, but don't think I used them for inspiration. My inspiration mostly comes from mashing up my own code fragments, sometimes also just from watching something beautiful like trees, and insofar I think you work far more analytical than I do, thinking of your complex number issues and Julia/Mandelbrot presets. To me, the one thing that really required analytical work was the trees code... that was difficult. Most of the rest is playing around, occasionally discovering a surprise and then do fine tuning on it. Quite time consuming, though, and I wish I could be faster.
Thanks for the tip with the _fc_ sampler, but how can I use this with GetBlur, which only takes the coordinates as single parameter ? Is there a way to use GetBlur(sampler_fc_main, uv) ??

@zerowaitstate: If you consider the work of others as better than yours, why don't you take it as challenge rather than as discouragement ! We need more aouthors to keep things flowing.

PS: the birds are done entirely within a wave equation, and not very good but sufficient considering their small size in comparison to the rest of the scenery. That was easy. The truly difficult issues were the trees, which caused me quite some headache. I still think they could be improved, but then got a number of other presets that need to be finished ... just haven't got enough time.
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