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I bought a fire sale HD-DVD player which also doubles as a upsampling DVD player with HDMI inputs into a 50" plasma 720p TV set.

HD doesn't really impress me a lot. It really only shows on computer generated movies.

420p (progressive scan) DVD's look really good in an upsampling player. Those players are pretty cheep...

Rarely would I think "This would be better in HD". Not enough for the price difference anyway.

When Blu-Ray players get in the < $100 range, then I think it's a option.

Really even on a 50" TV, my old eyes can't see the resolution improvement at my usual viewing distance of about 12 feet. At least not enough to change the viewing experience of most movies anyway.

Hi-rez ... yeah ... improvement in viewing experience ... not much unless you are sitting 3 feet from a 50".

HDTV's are cool because they are much better than conventional TV's, but I sorta give HD disk players a yawn.

I do recommend upsampling DVD players with HDMI though. That's worth a couple extra bucks.
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