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Nitorami......has the same kind of ring to it as one of the great artists in history. Anyone else agree? Like Picasso, or Da Vinci, Van Goah, and of course who can forget- Nitorami... the great Master of the Milkdrop canvas!

I indeed happen to be a real "art collector" myself!

In fact, I proudly "own" ALL of Nitorami's work! Not just the "prints", but the original DIGITAL canvas art pieces!
THE ORIGINALS-- I proudly own them!
The rest of you all here may only have printed copies............ which are still good! However, they are not THE ORIGINAL Digital masters, oil based!

I am proud to have them all displayed on my 22 inch screen!

Sherwin Maxawow is of course known here by most of you as being primarily the 'Village Idiot" and loony tunes!
Yet I do feel I have a real place in this community, and doesn't every community message board online have at least one "odd-ball" or a village idiot, so to speak?

And could there ever be a better village idiot than I? Could anyone else compete with me, honestly? Can there be more than ONE true 'town odd-ball' or village idiot? I feel proud of who I have found myself as here since 2004.

I only aim to please, and my posts are my Milkdrop presets--- in metaphoric colors!
Maybe I am loony, but my heart is true! Hey--- Heart and ART sound the same! They Rhyme for a reason, perhaps?

By ze' way.... all of you are awesome MD artists!

I could go on forever expressing my admiration specifically for practically every preset author/artist I've ever seen.

I only feel like Nitorami is good for multiple reasons. Like for example-- Perhaps his work and presets can help inspire a whole new level of quality "standards" which everyone else (I imagine) can use and incorporate into their own new presets. You know what I mean?

I am loony---- because of all things I'm being reminded of how "KISS" set the standards for concerts back in the day! (hahaha!) I just had to share that!

Walking right along that--thin--fine--line- in between -GENIUS & a tightrope!

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