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By the way, Nitorami.......I hope you dont mind me putting you so HIGH UP on a "pedestal" the way I just did?

I hope you dont feel too special, or something like that.....which I could understand. I am sure you wouldnt want to outshine everyone else too much, and so forgive me if I am going a bit overboard in my compliments towards you.

There are so many good artists. I often sometimes miss some of the more simplistic Geiss originals.

Have you (Nitorami) considered elaborating on presets----specifically new generation presets like geiss's - "Cauldron painterly-4 and 5" which deserved a higher default rating than they had originally in the WA download pack. They were rated a measly 1 or 2 I think.....yet I not only re-rated them to a "5" but I also made several copies of Painterly 4 & 5 just because they are worth it!
Just like I mades multiple copies of most of yours....and many other classic presets from other authors.

I would just like to see more done with "Painterly" especially 4 & 5......because how cool is it to see the musical beats making "shadowed mountains" ?

There are of ccourse so many other presets I could talk about, giving you all my 'two or three cents' worth of opinions and suggestions. But I dont have time for a reply so long that it should be made into a book!

Thanks for all the fresh MILK! Keep the beauty flowing!


A NEW (Sherwin Maxawow)THREAD is "COMING SOON!" --- keep an eye out!

Sneak Preview: Sherwin Maxawow, talking all about the future of "digital art", and Milkdrop; Plus- WHY Milkdrop is still the BEST. And much MUCH MORE!

Those comments and much more in the next ISSUE!

Walking right along that--thin--fine--line- in between -GENIUS & a tightrope!
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