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@flexi: Holyshit that's awesome, I'm gonna find some more.

Try these out man:

@shadowharlequin: ehh, I got to this by experimenting. The beatcode I was working on for color changes and the gradual invert wasn't working, so I went through a bunch of my old presets and found some ancient beatcode to tweak.

I don't know if anyone else does this, but I have a folder full of experiments that I never finished. Sorting through it is like looking through a junkyard, I can spend hours looking at different effects before I find something I'm interested in.

Hmm, I started out this one playing with a junk preset, then gradually added effects as I figured them out.

Of course, it suddenly wasn't finished once flexi decided to put in his log spiral... I HAD to do more with that amazing effect. The spiral TOLD me to.

Eh, basically it's just playing with something until you get an effect that you like. Once you've got that refine it until you're satisfied.

Here are the different steps that I went through before getting to the first emotive dissonance preset:
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