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thanks for that goody!

when i add your comp shader to the bottom of one of my sphere presets it looks quite nice but what do you have to do to apply the effect to the echo as well?

float2 uvm=0;

uvm.x=uv.x-.05*tex2D(sampler_noise_hq, uv.x*1.5).x;
uvm.y=uv.y-.05*tex2D(sampler_noise_hq, uv.y*1.5).x;

float3 blur = GetBlur1(uvm);
float3 sharp = tex2D(sampler_main, uvm);
float3 fix = GetPixel(frac(uvm));

float lum = dot(blur, float3(.3,.5,.2));
float mod = (.75*fix+sin(rad*8-time*2));

float3 fret = (10*fix-blur*rad)*mod;
float3 inv = 1-fret;

ret=tex2D(sampler_main, float2(uv.x, uv.y*.75))*inv+.55*fret;

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