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Thanks to Tom

Basicly i only came here to thank Tom for banning me some time ago.

Got much more free time now and i need it.

if you look at this post according to the forum rules it's a ban evasion.

so mods do your work

I'm not here to stir up the shit again.

Been a few years since i last was here and learned much more to first think before posting as you can see in the Pabook forum.
It all came back after reading some old emails on an account i forgot i had.

So chev, sgt, widdy, shyshy and all the members who still know me

how have you all been doing.... I think i hear a couple of boots comming my way, Hey Jonesy, you look smashing with those new boots.

Take care and behave and be nice to everybody

NJK a.k.a Spaceplay
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