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Welcome back.

I'm newer here compared to others but still old enough to remember your prior membership here. The counting thread has passed 270,000. Sarge seems to be Absent Without Leave. Where the fuck is he by the way? Somewhere with that new pickup and trailer I guess. We need to send a search party. ElChevelle is now enjoying modhood retirement but still is active here, ShyShy is still active. That's all I can say about those you listed. We still get a lot of surprise "awakenings" from those of the distant past.

For a while we had an enormous tsunami of spam, but I guess things are getting better now. fcuk is a mod now too. Check out Ryan's and QOAL's work on this thread. It makes the forum a lot easier on the eyes in my opinion.

Oh, and one last thing. Everyone's avatars got some kind of pandemic contagious disease last week and turned blue.

edit - this seems to be my 6,000th non-bin post (21,877th if you count bin ) I need to stop being so addicted to this forum

Don't forget to live before you die.

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