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None of this worked for me. I resorted. I reset metadata. I cleared the entire list and scanned the folder for files again. The albums with multiple artists are still sorting alphabetically by artist name before numerically by track number. If that is hard coded into Winamp, I can't begin to fathom the stupidity of it. Simply enough, if I can't overcome this irrational behavior, I'm going to have to look for another music player. This is making me sorry that I paid money for this program. The rest of the program is brilliant. Why have this one seemingly imbecilic moment? It's like creating the best book reader ever made, except that it prefers to sort the pages of the books in alphabetical order by content instead of numerically by page number. How do you read a book if all the pages starting with the letter a are ahead of all the pages starting with letter b, regardless of the page numbers? Well, that's what Winamp is doing with these albums. It's ridiculous. I can't resolve everything that's great about Winamp with this one glaring flaw. How could it happen?

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