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problems/errors and question with API


i have notice some errors/problems using for getting genre list or radio list.

5 or 6 genre are repeated twice, like "college", "talk", ...
<genre name="Classical Period"/>
<genre name="College"/>
<genre name="College"/>
<genre name="Comedy"/>

when i get a radio list, there is a "ct" (current track playing) for each radio, but when i use the "ct" for searching a song or group, all the time the "ct" value is wrong.
ex :
<station name="METALZONE INTERNET RADIO" mt="audio/mpeg" id="521133" br="56" genre="Metal" ct="Iron Maiden - Phantom Of The Opera" lc="11"/>

i go listen the radio just after reading this info (<>100ms), and the radio is playing another track, NEVER the "ct"

i have a question :
in a search, i want to limit the result to every radio who has a bitrate between 24 and 128, how i do this ?
for now, i can limit to a particular bitrate (br=64) but not a range.

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