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Originally Posted by danton.q View Post
Raj_09, the problem is that it has worked perfectly. You had in your hands a functional Winamp/Shoutcast.

But since you bouhgt it and made some modifications, it does not work anymore.

My frustration does not come from known bugs, but from bugs you introduced and you want me to solve.

If your "fantastic team of Devs" hadn't modify anything, everything would work today.
@ danton.q

I am not a dev but just a faithful user (10 years). I have done programming enough before to know how much time and effort an overhaul can take. Some components will not work and are going to break. You got to deal with that in a mature manner and understand that things will take time to fix. You did not provide the info when asked, if I am not mistaken.

Another thing: Winamp is not open-source and posting the code on any site for you to fix is a ludicrous idea.
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