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Agree, Please bring back original Winamp

Originally Posted by Eagle Creek View Post
I love Winamp. I bought Winamp. I've been using it for many years, at Windows 95, XP, Vista and now at 7. And I still continue to use Winamp very often.

But with all do respect... a year after announcing Winamp will be revived (this thread was made January 2014) stating it will almost take another year before we hear something substantially new from Winamp is just plain ridiculous..

This way, you are losing all of your momentum, supportive users, fans and everything you've built up the past years.

I fully appreciate the dev team working on the product and trying to revive it. But in today's market, asking people to wait for 2 years, or maybe even longer, is an absolute certainty on how to kill yourself. Not to mention the extreme high expectation you are creating by letting people wait this long, which only can disappoint after so much time.

Don't get me wrong: there's nothing I'd rather see more than Winamp being brought to live again but I absolutely think this isn't the way to go.
But PLEASE: if you are serious about bringing Winamp back to live, give it priority.

The reason I'm writing this is because I love the product and I want to support the team behind it. But I'm afraid if it will take so long before a new version is released, most people have moved on, forgot about it and will never return to it. 'Back in the day' Winamp was the product to go, nowadays there's so much competition.

Trying to be constructive here. I just hope the people responsible for Winamp still love it as much as I did when I first encountered it. Don't let it die..
I totally agree with you Eagle Creek, Please bring back original winamp ASAP or you will find too late in the market.
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