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Originally Posted by musicf8 View Post
Maybe they lack patience, or they need closure, who knows. I doubt when winamp was owned by AOL they cared much for newer versions to nag the developers. It seems a lot of them either make an account on the forums just to complain about no new version or they posted a few times in the past and decided to come out of the shadows. Like nagging does anything more than annoy the developers.

I guess I am lucky because i'm still stuck on 5.56 (i think) due to that being the only version that works with ml_ipod. Still, I am looking forward to the future of Winamp and can't wait to see what tricks the developers have up their sleeve for future versions. I have been using winamp since late 1997/early 1998, so I doubt I can ever see myself moving to something else for my music, regardless of new versions. Winamp was, is, and will still be damn awesome
Glad to see grateful people in the forum. I was getting tired of the whiners lately.

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