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I myself have made the next "logo"-files with 4 subsets and over 300 .jpg-files in 1280x640 pixel, with the font Alien Encounters and always with a black background. The subset "logo" has the most files, for example with music genres. I can imagine also a further subset, "logocover" in 1280x1280 pixel. "logocover" always can be integrated into "logo", but "logo" never can be integrated into "logocover", if we use "sampler_rand_00_subset".

4 days ago I have made my "Christmas Experiments" at midday, although we have June now. Then I went to the meeting. Someone worked already on the next "Winter Clothes" and another one brought gingerbread to the meeting, although gingerbread is not sold right now. The next gingerbread will be offered in September.

I have used Paint.NET, PixBuilder Studio, IrfanView, Photoscape. I have made "Merry Christmas" with the font Segoe Print, with uppercase & lowercase letters and with just uppercase letters, also as transparent .png-files. I had to figure out the right pixel size, because I have also copied 12 "xmaslights"-files (PNG) from a .zip-folder (a former .wal-file by Koopa). I have prepared 4 .jpg-files, and I have made GIF-Animations. I would have already the "Xmas Textures", although a "Merry Christmas Preset" does not exist yet. But there are enough good preset authors in the Winamp Forums, and we have enough time, a half year...

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