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Today we have the 16th November, and on Saturday, the 26th November, our "XMAS Time" will begin, at least in our country. On Sunday, the 27th November, we will have the "Erster Advent". 1 weekend later we will have again the "XMAS Market Alt-Rixdorf", from Friday to Sunday.

And now I have to ask again, if we want to continue with this thread or start another one, "The WINAMP FORUM'S CHRISTMAS TREE 2016".

At least I wish You more luck with the snow and that You can make very good photos of Nature & Landscapes without humans, for example with a group of conifers, if very much snow is on them. I hope, You have very good digital cameras. I myself have experiences with 3 different digital cameras. I talked about them already in my thread "My Photos of Parks in Berlin 2016" and I had announced there, that I would stop by again here.

About my "XMAS Presents 2016": It seems, I will get them ready in some days. And I want to see You here...

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