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I posted the other day but I guess it got lost...
I tried and really like Audacious...I even got it to work with Bluetooth by starting another applcation
in Pulse...Then close that application and open Audacious and pick default PCM output which will
fall back to the driver that was already being used (probably pulse)...For using the built in audio
which in my case is a USB DAC I just choose ALSA with HW 2.0)...I'm able to use my Winamp
Nucleolog skin which works mostly. And the equalizer is better control than the basic one in

QUOTE=chros;3084086]No, you don't have to and we can't get rid of Pusle Audio (it's so integrated) since 14.04 (?).
It's individual application setting, so you can set it in every audio/video player (Audacious, Clementine, SMPlayer, etc.) that supports it.
In Audacious, under Audio output:
- ouput: Alsa
- device: hw:0:HDA, direct hardware acces without samplerate conversion
- mixer: hardware master mixer

With this you'll get bit-perfect audio, means exclusive mode: other device can't access to the audio device until playback goes.

Maybe you can make the same work with Winamp (with WinE (?)), I haven't tried. If you managed to do so, let us know [/QUOTE]
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