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Originally Posted by PeterK. View Post

Hello Pawel,

now this is a great piece of software!

Originally Posted by PeterK. View Post

1) in the tab SKINS the additional info about the skin is missing. Also there is no preview screenshot. And all this because Winamp does not provide those text lines at all. (only during installation). When you hit CTRL+P and go to Skins tab you will only find the name of the current skin. Nothing more. Is this actually a bug?
If I understand it well, it is on purpose. Some skins listed in "Skins" tab do not have description (like for example built-in Classic Skin or zipped skins).
I could read info from zipped skins, but I decided to not do this for now (I would have to add zip support and unzipping it in runtime just to read some info...)

Originally Posted by PeterK. View Post

2)Those three icons in the status bar (Options, Help and Create Report) are definitely too small. And all other seem "pixelated"/"edgy"- as if your program zoomed in a 48x48 icon format into 150x150. Please have a look at the attached screenshot. In case those are real icon files you might add some more formats to those icons. And if these are just png files - well, you have to keep it that way.
Yes. For now, this icons are always 16x16, even in High DPI screen (for example with scaling set to 150%)
I will work on images on buttons later (for now these are bitmaps).

Originally Posted by PeterK. View Post

Would it be possible to add svg files to your program?
No. I use PNG format and this is not gonna change.

Thanks for testing. Did you however tested the latest build (v.10)? I see on your screenshots old version, 9.0 - that is completely different and OLD.
I linked the newest version at the top of the post (do not download it from my website).

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