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Originally posted by ElChevelle
"America as a nation has never targeted civilians."
Actually, I wish this was true...but, alas, it is not. Please understand that these examples are right off the top of my head; I'm sure there are others that I'm leaving out. But for sure we have targeted civilians expressly in our incindiary attacks on Dresden and Tokyo. We killed damn near everyone in those cities...the destruction was especially brutal in Tokyo where almost every building was made of wood.

Also, in researching a term paper in undergrad I was shocked to learn that Heroshima was picked as the first target for an atomic bomb in order to inflict the most possible military AND CIVILIAN casualties. One of the deciding factors stated in the basis for their decision was that nearly all of the workers at the naval plant lived right next to the plant. So they would not only take out the plant, but the civilian workers as well. It's not a discovery that made me very proud. But I must say that there were many atrocities in WW2--the Blitz (Germany's incessant and random bombing of London's civilian population), Japanese atrocities upon civilians in China, and, of course, the Holocaust. And this is not nearly an exhaustive list; I'm sure there are many that either I'm forgetting or I don't know about.

What we are discussing here is not that type of action. Weapons and technology have changed, and that has consequently changed the face of warfare. I agree with whoever said earlier that this is no WW3. People will most certainly die on both sides, a fact that bothers me tremendously. But we will not mindlessly target civilians and wipe out entire cities. We will try to destroy the groups of people who perpetrated last week's abomination, which I might add disturbed me more than anything else I have ever seen in my entire life, and likely will ever see--hopefully.
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