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As an only child, I can't relate to the specific loneliness that others who have no brothers or sisters have expressed to me. Simply because my mother had 9 brothers and sisters. Giving me at least 27 cousins.

Since I was also from a single parent home, I spent a lot of time with one specific Aunt, who had a daughter and a son, both of which were close to my age, and we were all very close.

They are truly my brother and sister in my heart, even if they are only cousins....

We've lost touch in the last few months, as that happens. People have lives..

Today I got this email
Email from my cousin:
I felt that this was an appropriate time to send out John's new address. It is not very often that he gets to check his e mail, but he can read our letters over and over again. We haven't heard any news from him yet except that his ship has been deployed, it is no longer in Washington (state), but they will not tell us any information as to its whereabouts. I will try to keep everyone updated as I get any information from him, but if you get a chance, I am sure he would appreciate any contact from home. If you have any questions for me, you can e mail me at:
Thanks and God Bless,
Hindsight is always 20/20.. and now I almost wish I'd been a little less supportive of his joining the Navy... I'm pretty fucking scared.

If anyone can find any of the skins I made please email them to
I can't remember all the names but specifically hunting for Lascivious, and DEVOUR (compilation with Jax) and any in the Impulse series which had 6 total. Auriferous, Gilt, Impulse, Nadir, and 2 others I can't remember but you dig.
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