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Originally posted by Forevever
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Hindsight is always 20/20.. and now I almost wish I'd been a little less supportive of his joining the Navy... I'm pretty fucking scared.
I completely understand your fear. It sucks, It hurts, your emotions go on a big rollercoaster that you just cant get off of. You want to cry, or wish you could just turn back the hands of time and make it all different.

It is a reality that our country is going to combat war. It will not be pretty. We will lose loved ones, men and women alike. Please continue to be proud and supportive of your "brother". He needs the strength and positive feelings that you can express to him. Let him know that you love him, but that you are proud of him for being so brave, and that he loves his country and fellow man enough to fight for it. I am sure he is scared also. Fear can be our worst enemy.

In vietnam, the moral of the american soliders was very low. Not just because they may have not believed that they should not be there, but because of the negative response they all received from Americans. They were fighting a war, getting killed, and had no support at all. The gulf war, on the other hand, was supported by Americans and the armed forces was backed by american pride. I know they are 2 separate wars and times, but the attitudes that were expressed to them made a huge difference.

Please know you have this forum to come to so you can express your feelings, or feel free to pm or email me hon. We are living in a scarry time right now, and what we need to do is be proud of our country as a whole, stand together, love one another, and be proud of those who are willing to fight so we dont have to live in fear.

Good day all,

~ Missy
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