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Wow... Ryan... cool... =]

I've been playing with the messaging system - very nice, and definitely very cool. A couple comments and wish-lists, considering it's still in beta.

- using the keypad doesn't always work. Specifically, the 2 button. When Numlock is on, 2 on the keypad goes to the next track, and when numlock's off, it reduces the volume.

- Any chance of adding a line-break character? Word wrap is difficult because the font size is so variable, but linebreak should be doable.

- Similar to above - for the title anims, it would be really nice if they had a word-wrap feature. Might be difficult to pull off.

- break up the time value of the messages into 'time in' and 'time stay' (or something similar). Have the scale happen during 'time in', and then we have a time during which the message stays on screen before being burnt into the background. If you don't want the text to stay, you could set 'time stay' to -1 or something.

- possibly randomising the colour of the message (set r, g and/or b to -1?)

That's about as much as I can think of right now. Great work. It's always great to hear from you over here =]

- Krash
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