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1.02 beta 2

here's MilkDrop 1.02 beta 2: (updated!)

There were a lot of feature requests and in order to get the release out, but since I only had a limited amount of time & I wanted to get you guys a new DLL before the weekend, here's what I could get to by this point...

Items added to the "what's new" list:

For preset authors:
-fixed an old bug where if the per-pixel or per-frame code had nothing in it except spaces & linefeeds, it would display an error message saying "error in per-{pixel|frame} code".
-added a bunch of per-frame variables to control the motion vectors: mv_x, mv_y, mv_r, mv_g, mv_b, mv_a. Also got rid of the motion vectors on/off setting; now the opacity controls this.
-cranked up max. # of user variables from 23 to 33. (Added 16 slots, but used 6 of them for motion vectors.)
-added a per-frame variable called 'monitor'. Set the value of this variable in the per-frame code, and then press 'N' to monitor (show) its value in the top-right corner of the screen. Should be very useful for debugging. (Thanks to Krash for the great suggestion on how to implement this!)

-added 'R' key to toggle random vs. sequential order for loading
-fixed alphanumeric sorting of presets (used to have minor errors such as putting "galaxy 2" before "galaxy", and so forth - strcmp() just wasn't good enough!)
-'&' characters in preset filenames no longer show up as an '_' character, although it still looks funny if you try to save one with an '&' already in it, but don't worry, it will preserve the '&' (even though it looks messed up). Note that you still can't type a *new* '&' into the filename when you go to save a preset.

The things I haven't done yet, but hope to before the final, are:

-fix a bug with transitions (try setting ib_r from the code in two presets, then switch between them; you'll see it doesn't blend properly.)
-fix the centering of the motion vectors?
-fix the burn-in off-centeredness when the text isn't in the center of the screen
-update the docs & preset authoring guide

I know there are a million other requests, but the truth is I don't have time to do them all yet; think version 1.03. For now, I tried to get the most useful ones in. =)

Have a great weekend y'all,
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