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well this bit of my post was more relivant to the question

i would like to add that my grandad died not too long ago, i cried then, but only really because others were and it set me off, i dont think once i cried in private altho i really felt like doing so the lump was there but i couldnt let go, not because of the stigma of crieing, i just couldnt feel that breakdown feeling even tho i was very close to my grandad

strangly enough about 2 weeks ago i was at a frind of mines house she is a very close friend and i love her dearly, but we fell out and i stormed out of her house she came to the door telling me to leave her u know the revers sicology thing

i eventually walked back into the house and broke down in her arms i felt so good after doing it id let her know a million things in the one act and released so much tension it was something i needed to do.

i dont believe every one cries when there upsett i think the notion of not crying comes because males cry less they deal with things in a slightly different way, hitting things u know stress realeaving not true for all males but i think for most, but everyone cries at some point, the most disconcerting thing about my grandad passing away was seeing all the people who i had never seen cry before like my dad or my nan or family frinds cry it was terrible

and old timers, ive been here for a year and a half lol just mussed have missed it in my long absenses.

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