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Don Nickell
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Is DJEgg still around? I'm having the same "won't autoplay with V.2.91. Things used to work until I installed Dazzle (VHS>CD software) then Windows Media Player and Winamp 2.7 quit. I uninstalled and removed all references (registry, etc.) to Dazzle and Media Player and upgraded to Winamp 2.91. It opens when I click on any 'music' file AND auto plays. If I insert a CD it opens, loads the tracks and just sits there.

I've loaded/removed/re-loaded, made sure all the switches are right, but still no auto play. I still fear that Dazzle overwrote an important *.dll, but which one? Registry: CDAudio: (Default) = (value not set); Shell: (Default) = "play".

Thanks for any help on this.

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