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Originally Posted by Jkey View Post
I use my own transcoder for linux now, I developed it to meet my needs.
The aacplus encoder I created created was just an adapted version of libaacplus,
which is based on the available 3ggp reference code.

You can compile ffmpeg with this library too which can be useful in certain situations.
Hmm I assume you don't give this out lol

I was thinking of paying someone a small amount to customize streamTranscoder v3, still tossing up whether it's worth it at this point.

Basically the sc_trans seems to do what I want as far as:

Have 2 feeds, one for an Automatic DJ and the other for live DJ's. With seemless transitions i.e. no "dead silence" it should pipe the data seamlessly when the DJ connects/disconnects.

The ability to prioritize DJ's is cool but not a major feature for me at the moment and the schedule idea is also very cool idea so you can allocate specific time slots.

I have so far been using aac+v2 so that is what I am mostly interested in at the moment and want to feed a single 128Kbit stream which is "relayed" to achieve 128Kbit, trans-coded to achieve 64Kbit and trans-coded for 32Kbit.

I want separate stream titles so that it says the "bitrate" in the titles like 128K, 64K etc to make it easier in directories to spot.

It would also be nice for changing the IRC link, however I am wondering if that is half related to the DNAS. As not specifying comes up as

The only other bug I came across in sc_trans is it said the "aacpbitstreamformat" was an invalid line?

I am not entirely sure what this achieves but I am curious as to how you currently configure the encoder for the Parametric Stereo, Independent Stereo etc options of AAC+v2 which would be nice to have also available.

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