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I'm a whole "person old enough to drive in the US" older than 20.

In cat years I'm 252 years old.

I've lived over a third of a century.

When I was growing up...
  • Cassette tape technology was brand new.
  • LPs and 45s were the mainstay source of music.
  • 8-tracks were still prevalent.
  • CDs didn't exist.
  • DVDs didn't exist.
  • VCRs didn't exist.
  • Microwave ovens didn't exist.
  • Cellular phones didn't exist.
  • Cordless telephones didn't exist.
  • Pagers didn't exist.
  • Cable TV didn't exist.
  • The internet didn't exist. Actually it's predecessor did, but it wasn't publically accessible. And even if it was, it wouldn't have mattered, because...
  • Personal computers didn't exist.
  • Video games didn't exist. (Space Invaders, the world's first popular arcade game, was new when I was about 8 years old.)
  • The world's smallest computers filled a rack the size of a vending machine.
  • No video devices had flat screens.
  • Video cameras were so expensive they were only for the rich.
  • MTV (and anything like it) didn't exist.
  • HBO (and anything like it) didn't exist.
  • Distributed porn could only be found in magazines. Porn in motion was called "hiring a hooker".
  • Drive-in theaters were common.
  • Television had 13 channels....via the rabbit ear antenna sitting on top of it.
  • Cars had points. (The old fogies will know what this means.)
  • People born before 1880 were still alive.
  • Legos didn't have fancy custom-designed sets. Only simple blocks in four different colors. And we could build almost anything with them.
  • What couldn't be built with Legos could be built with an Erector Set.
  • Dirt was actually a fun toy.
  • The closest thing we had to a video game was a few hundred green plastic army men and a BB gun.
...and I wish I could go back to it all.

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