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Originally posted by Nofx Guy
dont waste your time buying a vid card jsut yet.. wait till the new ati x800's or the nvidia geforce 6800's to come out anytime now.. there more expensive but if your already gunna be spending lots on an all in wonder card then dont worry about spending the extra to get a x800 or geforece 6800.. they are uber amazingly you can get the nvidia personal cinema for the 6800 which is better than the all in wonder anyways..

from the shit ive been reading the 6800's are kicking the x800's asses.. i would wait and buy a geforce 6800gt as they are the best bang for your buck 6800 and can be overclocked to geforece 6800 pro speeds...
But do you have the PSU or good case cooling to support such a beast? Not to meantion you need a great all-round system to not bottleneck it.

Originally posted by Vie
ATI > nVidia

In practicaly everything, there just not in the same leages.
This statement is completely true for all pre-6800 nVidia videocards, they are just plain horrible.

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