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Obsolete gaming site.

I've been picking up some of the video games that I missed over the last couple of years. I got Doom III for $15 at the local Target, and Quake 3 for $10 from ebay. I have copies of Diablo II, Warcraft III etc.

I think these games are still fun, but the multiplayer support has long since been retired from the big players like Gamespy etc. (or no one is playing them).

$50 for the latest video games comes pretty dear. I never buy "state of the art" and I know many of you have computers which won't run the "latest thing".

So my idea was to set up a web to play the multiplayer games of Christmas past.

My idea is to host games that can be bought for $10. Diablo, the quakes etc.... all trade for $10 on ebay or Amazon.

I couldn't host Halo, because it's far too cpu intensive, but I probably could get some quake, warcraft and diablo servers running.

Would you spend the $10 and play some old games?. Or did you save some old software?.

I like multiplayer games, I just don't like dropping large money to do it.

The thing that gave me the idea is that I'll have a bunch of friends and family around the holidays, so I've set up some video games that can run on a 950 Mhz Athlon (my weakest machine). I have Diablo II, Quake 2 and 3 and Warcraft running on the lan with 3 computers.

I was thinking this might be a good idea for a web. Play some games even if they aren't the latest and greatest?.

Any ideas?.
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